Video T21 DFX160 REV – Hydraulic Mulcher

Discover our newest T21 hydraulic mulcher in our video.

For excavators from 16 to 30 tons, it is the latest evolution in the hydraulic mulcher range.
The main innovation is at its heart, the DFX fixed-tooth rotor with
FEMAC patented cutting tool system and supports.

Two types of interchangeable tools are available:
Double widia insert or hammer with hardened and tempered blade.

The interference fit and double screw coupling system between tooth
and holder designed by FEMAC also provides a match that is extremely resistant to external shocks.

Rotor with bite limiter technology: Additional steel profiles limit the
the depth of cut to make the rotor speed constant at all times.
The result is improved shredding of material, prevention of rotor stalling, and
better reliability.


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