Focus: Self-Levelling Support

In the video we can see our T9 MZ90 REV hydraulic mulcher for excavators equipped with the additional self-levelling support.

There are many benefits:
It keeps the mulcher head parallel to the terrain, regardless of the position of the escavator.
It allows to conform to any surface roughness to make the work easier, faster and with a cleaner cut.
Furthermore, it helps absorbing eventual bumps, collisions and vibrations to preserve both the mulcher and excavator.

The self-levelling support is ideal to work in open and plain terrain, when the mulcher stays mainly parallel to the ground.
However, it is not recommended when the work involves major vertical or swivelled movements of the mulcher, found when cutting on highly inclined slopes or tall trees,
where a fixed mount is preferred for stability and precision.

The self-levelling support is available for the entire range of our hydraulic mulchers.

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